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Cover Letter Blunders and Pitfalls
Heather Eagar discusses the major cover letter blunders and how they can affect your chances of getting hired.

5 Tips For Your Exit Interview
Heather Eagar conveys 5 tips to help you confidently face an exit Interview.

Tips to a Successful Interview Follow-up
GL Hoffman reads Heather Eagar's article, "Tips to a Successful Interview Follow-up." Her 5 tips will make interviews memorable and GL's comments certainly help to re-state her important points.

Five Tips for Cover Letters
Heather Eagar writes about 5 tips for writing attention-grabbing cover letters. These tips will give your cover letter and resume the boost they need to end up on the top of the pile.

Be Prepared for any Interview Question
Heather Eagar talks about interview questions. Knowing the types of questions will help you know what the interviewer wants to know, how to answer, and what questions are illegal.

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